Because Every Water Problem is Unique

It’s more than just equipment to us. It’s about understanding your unique needs, from a worried homeowner to a complex industry operation. We personalize solutions, not just sales.

Water Confidence – For Homes, Businesses, and Beyond

Whether it’s ensuring the safety of your family’s drinking water, protecting the lifespan of your appliances, optimising water usage for your business, or meeting stringent industrial requirements, our mission is to deliver water confidence. With over 30 years of experience in the South African water treatment landscape, we bring a depth of knowledge and practical expertise to every project.

SA Clean Water goes beyond just online and in-store equipment sales. We provide a full spectrum of water treatment services, working meticulously to understand your specific needs, whether large-scale or seemingly small. Our solutions are designed with both immediate results and long-term sustainability in mind, ensuring healthier water, protected equipment, and cost savings for years to come.

As an e-commerce-driven provider, we prioritise convenience alongside expertise. Our commitment to after-sales support sets us apart, offering comprehensive services that go beyond standard installation, repairs, and maintenance. The result? Peace of mind knowing your water worries are in the hands of dedicated experts, from the initial consultation to the long lifespan of your system.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

We believe that the most important part of any business is its customers and its employees. Therefor, if you do not believe in what we have to say, have a look at what our customers have said:


SA Clean Water installed an advanced water filtration system in my kitchen. I am very impressed with the product, it takes up much less space than other systems I looked at and works well! The service and price was great too!

Euan McNeil

2 Reviews


After looking around for a suitable filtration system, I finally found SA Clean Water who told me about Premium Ultrafiltration Filter Faucet which hardly takes up any cupboard space and is incorporated into a tap so no need for another separate tap! I absolutly love this system and the team was super fast with the installation! Thank you very much

Monique Hart

5 Reviews


I was looking for a backup water storage system with reverse osmosis and these guys are the best in the business compared to everyone else in Johannesburg. I was very happy with the pricing and the service from Craig was excellent.

Johnathan Scott

6 Reviews

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Explore our product range and take the first step in securing your water security for the future.


With years of experience and technical knowledge our design team can solve any water issues.


Design, build, own, operate and maintain are some of the services we provide. Each with their own advantages.

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| Fundamentally, people are at the heart of our business. We couldn’t run a business without them. We hire the best and expect great things from them.


| We strive for innovation not only in our development organization, but also in all aspects of our business.

SA Clean Water
Customer Service

| Every investment and decision we make is made with our customers in mind, and we go to great lengths to ensure their satisfaction in all our services and products.


| Long-term economic success enables us to provide the best products, solutions, and services to our customers. Profitability is important, but it is not the reason we exist.