75 GPD Advanced Reverse Osmosis Membrane


Reverse Osmosis Membrane (Replace once a year) – The reverse osmosis membrane is a thin film composite membrane that can remove up to 99% of over 1, 000 contaminants in the water, including lead (removes up to 98% of lead), chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, asbestos, calcium, sodium, and more.

GPD Advanced Reverse Osmosis Membrane (Replace once a year)

The reverse osmosis membrane is a remarkable technology in water purification. Its thin film composite design empowers it to efficiently remove a broad spectrum of contaminants present in water, surpassing a staggering 99% removal rate. It effectively eliminates lead among the many pollutants it targets, achieving up to a 98% removal rate. Additionally, this advanced membrane tackles common water impurities such as chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, asbestos, calcium, sodium, and numerous others. With its exceptional contaminant removal capabilities, the reverse osmosis membrane ensures that the water you consume and use is of the highest quality, providing you and your family with clean, safe, and great-tasting water.


  • High-Quality Membrane – Our 75 GPD RO membrane uses the most advanced membrane film technology and manufacturing processes. And these RO replacements are tested by our experienced technical support staff in the USA, So we can provide high quality for consistent and reliable performance.
  • 100% Performance and Quality Tested – verified by independent laboratory testing. Membrane Solutions reverse osmosis membranes are made of the highest quality Polyamide Thin-Film Composite ensuring that you get the most filtration and surface area coverage.
  • 75 Gallon Per Day – Membrane Solutions High-Quality RO membrane can produce 75 Gallons of purified water per day (3.1 gallons / 11.8 litres per hour). 8 glasses of 8oz cups of water are recommended 1 gallon. You can get a gallon of water in about 20 minutes. You just need to open the faucet of the RO purifier using this RO membrane, you can get drinking water.
  • High Contaminant Rejection – Remove up to 97% of total dissolved solids from water. This membrane is only 0.1nm, 50 times smaller than even the finest heavy metals. So these RO membranes can easily remove heavy metal, organic, rubber mass, harmful minerals and other soluble salts from water.

Specifications: 75 GPD Advanced Reverse Osmosis Membrane

  • 30.71 x 11.88 x 5.94 cm

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 6 × 31 × 6 cm


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