Inline Filter System with UV (2-4 people)


The Inline Filter System with UV technology is a water purification system designed to provide you with clean, safe drinking water that removes dirt, sediment, and harmful bacteria. Designed to purify water for a two to a four-person household.

The SA Clean Water water filtration system was designed with affordability top of mind. This system will protect you and your loved ones against harmful bacteria, organics and dirt caused by pipe breakages. Designed to produce and provide enough water for a household of between 2-4 people.

Why not consider an inline water filtration system with UV filtration when it comes to keeping your family healthy and safe? Unlike other water treatment methods, UV technology is chemical-free – the best part is how easy it is to maintain.

UV filtration kills microorganisms, bacteria and viruses present in your water using ultraviolet light. UF water purifiers use a hollow membrane to kill and remove bacteria and microorganisms but cannot get rid of dissolved solids.

Put simply :

UV – Kills microorganisms, bacteria and viruses. This system is cheaper to purchase but relies on electricity to work.
UF – Kills and Removes microorganisms, bacteria and viruses. This system is more expensive however does not rely on electricity.

The SA Clean Water Inline Filter System will protect you from errant pipe bursts by removing spilt sediment with the 5-micron sediment filter, removing organics (rotting vegetation, algae etc.), thereby improving taste and smell, and the Ultra Violet filter system will protect you and your loved ones from harmful bacteria.

What is included in the system:

1x 3 stage Filtration system on stand
2x Ultra Violet Filter

*Installation not included


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