Home, Commercial and Industrial Water Treatment Specialists

SA Clean Water is your water expert in the South African region. We have the equipment and experience necessary to serve all of your water needs including water softening, reverse osmosis drinking water, ultrafiltration and water filtration systems for residential and commercial and industrial properties.

Products and Services

SA Clean Water offers the broadest range of products and services to suit all water treatment needs.

Drinking Water Systems

Raise the quality of your drinking water through technology like Reverse Osmosis Purification.

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Water Softener Systems

Enjoy cleaner dishes and softer skin with water that is gentle on you, your home and your family.

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Whole House Filtration

With whole house filtration systems the whole family can enjoy better, cleaner water.

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Water Fountain Dispensers

From the bottle to your glass, enjoy hot or cold water dispensed and filtered on demand.

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Borehole Water Filters

Ensure your borehole water is safe to consume and use with a tailor made filtration system.

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Water Testing and Analysis

We need water in more ways than we know. Therefore it's important to know what's in it.

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Sewage Water Systems

Sewage water systems that provide industry leading results. Backed by world class service.

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Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Save on monthly water bills and take advantage of the water nature provides.

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Zip HydroBoils and HydroTaps

Boiling, sparkling, ambient and chilled water available on demand. Perfect for home or office use.

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Backup Water Storage and Filtration Systems

Water is life. That's why we design systems that provide you with water 24/7.

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Why Choose SA Clean Water?

For over 10 years we have been providing water treatment services in South Africa. Our water purification systems, machines and solutions are designed to suit specific individual applications and give our customer piece of mind. 


Improve water systems productivity with a treatment design that is suited to your treatment requirements.

Cost Effective

Save money on intelligent water purification systems that reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

Customized Solutions

Choose from a range of solutions and accessories depending on the need of your home or business.

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Our Solutions Cost Less and Save More.

Upgrading your home water quality can result in serious water savings which can be felt in your pocket. 

What people say about us

We believe that the most important part of any business is its customers and its employees. Therefor, if you do not believe in what we have to say, have a look at what our customers have said:

“The service is so easy and dependable. SA Clean Water and its employees do a great job by providing quality products and services. I definitely would recommend them to any business."
Patricia Muller
“Their water purification products are wonderful. I have filthy water, but the ultrafiltration system turns it into pure H2O. Which is what I have always needed for my car washing businesses.”
Pieter Uys
Business Owner
“SA Clean Water worked with our architect to work the design of a rainwater harvesting system in the design of our new premises. Couldn't have asked for a better business to deal with.”
Thabiso Moyo

About Us

Learn more about our company, what our vision for the future is, where we came from and meet a couple of the team members.

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