Water Softener Systems

Water Softener Systems are used to eliminate minerals such as Calcium. When elevated levels of these minerals are present in your water, we refer to this water as hard water. Hard water can cause damage to plumbing in your home and your skin and even reduce the life of your clothes.

Features and Benefits

The reasons why you should purchase one of our Water Softener Systems are almost endless. We have listed some of the most important reasons here.

  • Filtering Water Improves Taste and Smell – Filtering water also helps it to taste and smell better due to the impurities being removed. A more refreshing and enhanced flavour is derived, resulting in a higher sense of satisfaction after drinking filtered water.
  • Filtering Water can Boost your Health – Water filtration systems are good for your health. The benefits are ten-fold, with skin hydration, nutrient absorption, weight loss, detoxification, digestion and a reduction in the risk of cancer.
  • Filtering Tap Water is Cost Affective – save time and most of all money when consuming your own filtered water rather than purchasing costly bottled water.
  • Filtering Drinking Water is Much Better for the Environment – Bottled water is a source of pollution, as it takes the plastic bottle 300 years to degrade and a ton of water is wasted due to it taking 3 times as much water to produce the bottle itself than it does to fill the bottle.

Water Softening Systems

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Water Softening System

What are Water Softening Systems

Water Softeners have become more common in South African households since high levels of minerals such as magnesium and Calcium are resent in our water supply. Water that has not been treated using a water softener and has high levels of these minerals is called hard water. Besides, hard water does not taste good, and the high mineral levels are harsh on your skin. Using hard water on your skin leaves these minerals, leading to dry, unhealthy skin. If you use hard water on your laundry, the mineral deposits can lead to soiling and for the white of your clothes to look dingy. We offer a wide range of water softening systems at SA Clean Water, each designed to purify water and eliminate high levels of these harsh minerals. One such method uses the ion exchange principle whereby the hard water is filtered through beads which replaces hardness minerals with sodium ions which eliminates these high levels and results in purified soft water.

Do Water Softeners Need Maintenance?

Like every other home appliance, water softeners do require regular maintenance. This is relatively easy to achieve, as water softeners are not complex devices. The benefit of regularly maintaining your water softening system is that it guarantees optimal performance and boosts its productive longevity.

How Do You Maintain a Water Softener?

To maintain your water softener in peak condition, ensure it has the right amount of salt. However, much you care about the water softener in your house, the device accumulates various as it softens your water. You’ll also have to add common salt to your device to enable it to function as required.

When to Add Salt to a Water Softener?

This varies between water softener brands. However, salt is a crucial ingredient in the process used to remove minerals from hard water to soften it.

Whether it’s for domestic or other use, soft water is far more helpful than hard water. But it takes effort and investment to keep your water more peaceful for longer. One way to guarantee the water softness is by maintaining your water softener, which keeps your system working for an extended period.