Never Run Dry: Backup Water Storage and Filtration Systems

Don’t let supply disruptions leave you high and dry. Our backup systems ensure 24/7 access to clean water.

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Beat Supply Disruptions For Good

Running out of water is a nightmare. Between supply disruptions, contamination risks, and seasonal shortages, unreliable municipal connections put your home’s water security at risk.

Without warning, the taps can run dry for hours or even days. Being forced to rely on bottled water is not just expensive and inconvenient – it’s unsustainable. You deserve better.

Our fully automated backup water systems let you take back control. Expertly designed, installed, and supported, our systems seamlessly maintain a continual supply of clean, fresh water around the clock.

The Benefits of a Backup Water System

24/7 Supply Security – With an independent water storage tank and filtration system, your supply persists unaffected by external disruptions. Enjoy peace of mind knowing clean water is always available when you need it.

Improved Health – Our advanced filtration removes dangerous contaminants from suspect supply sources. Make sure your family only consumes pure, safe water.

Save Time and Money – No more costly bottled water deliveries or time wasted hunting for supplies whenever the taps run dry. With your backup system, clean water can be accessed straight from the tap as usual.

Rainwater Harvesting By SA Clean Water

“After battling with water outages, this system has been a total game changer. We have unlimited clean water no matter what now.”


Jaco., Johannesburg

“I can finally stop stressing over supply disruptions. Our backup system keeps the water flowing smoothly all day, every day.”


Zanele., Pretoria

“After 3 water disruptions in a month, I was at my wits end. This system changed everything. Clean water 24/7!”


Pravi., Johannesburg

“Pure peace of mind. I will never worry about water for my family again thanks to this backup system from SA Clean Water.”


Sue., Johannesburg

“This system paid for itself within months by eliminating expensive water deliveries. My only regret is not getting it sooner!”


Themba., Cape Town


Our Backup Systems Give You Complete Peace of Mind

Backup Water Storage and Filtration Systems

Shop Our Range of Backup Water Storage and Filtration Systems and Equipment

Browse our full range of expertly engineered and installed backup water systems, uniquely customized with advanced filtration and smart storage to guarantee reliable, uninterrupted water supply. With decades of experience providing South African homes total water security during outages and disruptions, you can trust us to design the perfect solution to meet your household’s needs, giving you complete peace of mind that clean, safe water will always flow directly from your taps, no matter what.


Backup systems have three main components – water storage tanks, advanced filtration, and automated delivery pumps. During supply disruptions, the pumps automatically switch to deliver filtered water from the storage tanks directly to your taps and appliances. Seamless and automatic – the only difference you notice is uninterrupted flow!

Our systems are designed to be fully automated and require minimal maintenance. The filters have an annual cartridge change, and we recommend a yearly system checkup to optimise things. We handle everything and provide supply reminders and support.

Water is pre-filtered as it fills the storage tank during regular operation. The integrated filtration system then re-purifies it immediately before being supplied to the taps. This ensures the continuity of clean, fresh water even when offline.

We customise your storage capacity based on household size and expected demand. Typically, 1,000 – 5,000 litres is recommended to maintain a 1-3 week supply. Rainwater harvesting can supplement capacity as needed.

Installation is simple and seamless. The storage tank, filters, and pumps are easily integrated with your existing plumbing and require only minor modifications. Our technicians handle the complete professional installation and provide ongoing service and support.

Our systems start at around R15,000 for a basic unit for smaller households. Costs scale up from there based on the system size required for larger homes with increased capacity and flow rates.

Factors that determine overall system costs include:

  • Household size and daily water requirements
  • Desired storage capacity
  • Number of bathrooms and water outlets
  • Whether rainwater harvesting is integrated
  • Type of filtration systems installed
  • Customizations and accessories

When you have a free consultation, we’ll assess your household’s unique needs and provide a tailored quote with transparent pricing. We also offer flexible payment plans to help spread out costs over time.

While the upfront investment may seem high, the system pays for itself through utility savings and avoiding expensive water deliveries whenever the main supply fails. The peace of mind of guaranteed water security is priceless.

automatic water pump station outside the house

What are Backup Water Storage and Filtration Systems

With supply disruptions and contamination risks on the rise, backup water systems are becoming an essential protection for modern households.

These integrated systems act as an insurance policy, providing an independent water supply that can smoothly maintain uninterrupted flow whenever the mains connection gets compromised or experiences outages.

A fully robust backup system combines three key components working together:

  • Intelligent water storage in large reserve tanks – This safely stockpiles weeks or even months worth of water reserves to supply the household during extended disruptions. Advanced tank sensors monitor fill levels and help optimize capacity.
  • Sophisticated filtration and purification – Multi-stage filtration utilizing technologies like carbon filters, UV sterilization, and ultrafiltration removes sediments, pathogens, metals, and contaminants from the stored reserves. This ensures the water is purified to the highest drinking standards before being supplied to the taps.
  • Automated smart delivery pumps – These pumps continuously monitor the mains water feed. The moment an outage occurs, they seamlessly switch over to drawing water from the storage tanks. Intelligent pressure and flow controls maintain normal system pressure directly to taps and appliances.

By integrating these three components, backup systems keep households supplied with clean, safe water 24/7, without interruption or quality degradation. Reserves eliminate dependence on compromised mains. Filtration removes health hazards. And automated delivery prevents any disruption to tap performance.

Rather than panicking and scrambling whenever the main supply fails, a protected household can simply carry on unaffected. Backup systems provide complete peace of mind by eliminating supply anxiety. Water security is ensured rain or shine.

As climate change pressures escalate and water infrastructure continues to age across South Africa, investing in a professional backup system is becoming a wise long-term decision for families concerned about their water security. Protect your home today and enjoy decades of reliable performance.