Water Fountain Dispensers​

SA Clean Water’s drinking water systems work to reduce common contaminants from your drinking water source to provide you with safer, cleaner and tastier water from the comfort of your own home.

We’re all about clean water. That’s why we make water fountain dispensers that provide clean, fresh drinking water directly to your glass or office. You’ll always have access to quality H2O with our energy efficient and low-maintenance water coolers and dispensers.

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A reverse osmosis water dispenser machine is a great alternative to bottled water. This water cooler can be placed anywhere in your office or home, and dispense purified drinking water for your convenience. Have you been looking for a reliable and convenient way to provide clean and healthy drinking water to your whole family? The Reverse Osmosis Water Dispenser is the best solution. 

Reverse Osmosis Water Dispenser

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Franke Zip Economaster is a water cooler system that has been designed to provide chilled and filtered water, ideal for use in a variety of settings including gyms, canteens and factories. The system provides a choice of bubbler or carafe dispensing for staff or public access, and delivers hygienic water at a rate of over 2500 liters per day.

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If you’re looking for a water cooler that’s easy to use and looks great, our chillers and water fountains are the only option. With models that range from a small personal cooler to a large industrial-sized one, we have one for any task at hand. All chillers and fountains come with our signature bubbler and carafe spout for convenience. Come see us and find your water cooling solution today!

Features and Benefits

The reasons why you should purchase one of our Water Fountain Dispensers​ are almost endless. We have listed some of the most important reasons here.

  • Energy Efficient – designed to use less electricity, our fountains and coolers will save you money on electricity bills.
  • Low Maintenance – to ensure your unit is kept at optimal working condition SA Clean Water technicians are just a phone call away.
  • Optional Temperature Settings – hot and cold water are just a press of a button away ensuring you have perfectly cold or steamy water every time.
  • Cutting Edge Design – each unit is designed with modern principals in mind to ensure our cutomers are kept up to date with trends.

Additional Water Fountain Dispensers​

Get started with our free water test to find out which drinking water solution is the best suited to you. 

SA Clean Water Whole House Systems

What are Water Fountain Dispensers​

SA Clean Water’s water foutains and coolers are energy efficient so you’ll end up using less electricity over traditional fountains. With hot and cold water settings our drinking water fountains for sale are ideal for use in the gym, office or canteen. Through the use of optimal temperature settings perfectly chilled or steamy hot water is seconds away at an affordable price.

Once your water fountain or cooler is installed our team at SA Clean Water can stop by your office or home periodically to inspect the machine to ensure its proper functioning. This will in turn lengthen the lifespan of your unit.