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We handle everything: from locating water sources on your property to drilling and conducting quality testing. Count on us for comprehensive solutions tailored to your water needs, ensuring efficiency and reliability every step of the way.

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Our 4 Step Borehole Process

Our comprehensive borehole drilling process ensures successful results and eliminates guesswork. From initial consultation to optional storage and filtration solutions, we guide you through each step, tailoring our approach to your specific needs and budget. Discover the peace of mind that comes with a reliable, professionally drilled borehole.

Step 1

Consultation & Site Evaluation

We start by understanding your water needs, budget, and the specifics of your property. Our experts then carefully evaluate your site, combining geological knowledge with water divining techniques to select the most promising drilling location.

Step 2

Drilling & Exploration

Our experienced team transports the drilling rig to your site and establishes a safe and efficient workspace. We carefully drill to the desired depth, keeping you informed throughout the process and being flexible to adjust if water is found sooner or additional drilling is needed.

Step 3

Casing & Water Analysis

We secure your borehole with durable casing to ensure stability and prevent contaminants from entering your water supply. Comprehensive yield and water quality tests reveal the flow rate of your borehole and any potential contaminants, enabling you to make informed decisions about filtration needs.

Step 4

Storage, Supply, & Filtration

We design a system tailored to your requirements, providing options for water storage, optimal delivery of your new water source, and filtration solutions if needed. This comprehensive approach ensures you have the right system to reliably enjoy safe and clean borehole water.

Borehole drilling truck

What services do we offer

Unreliable Water Supply Getting You Down? Discover the Freedom of Borehole Drilling

We understand the challenges of municipal water – leaks, outages, and restrictions leave you stressed and without a dependable water source. Our borehole drilling services provide a sustainable, independent solution:

  • Professional Site Assessment: Our experts locate optimal drilling points, increasing the chances of a high-yielding borehole.
  • Expert Drilling & Installation: We use efficient techniques and quality equipment to create a reliable and long-lasting borehole.
  • Pump & Supply Solutions: We recommend and install the right system to deliver water efficiently to your home.
  • Optional Water Quality Testing: Identify any potential contaminants and recommend filtration solutions to ensure safe drinking water.

Benefits of Borehole Drilling:

  • Water Independence: Reduce or eliminate reliance on unpredictable municipal supply.
  • Consistent Water Access: Enjoy uninterrupted water for drinking, bathing, irrigation, and more, even during shortages.
  • Potential Cost Savings: Lower your water bills over time with your own water source.
  • Property Value Increase: A borehole is an attractive feature for potential buyers.

Cost of Drilling a Borehole

40m Borehole Pricing

Estimated Cost of Drilling a 40m Borehole
R 29,790
  • Travel
  • Water Diviner
  • Site Establishment
  • 40m of Drilling
  • 8m of Steel Casing

70m Borehole Pricing

Estimated Cost of Drilling a 70m Borehole
R 42,390
  • Travel
  • Water Deviner
  • Site Establishment
  • 70m of Drilling
  • 8m of Steel Cacing

What Our Clients Say



With 6 people in the house, our new borehole has been a game changer – endless hot showers and the garden has never looked lusher and healthier!

Peter V. Johannesburg


As a parent of small children, I want to be absolutely certain our home’s water is contaminant-free. SA Clean Water’s testing gives me that peace of mind.

Thandi M. Soweto


My vegetable garden has never been better since we drilled a borehole. The water quality is amazing and saves up money on our bill every month.

John S. Nelspruit

Benefits of Installing a Borehole

Take control of your water security

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We recommend testing your water at least annually, and anytime there is a change in taste, smell or appearance. For vulnerable groups like infants, elderly and ill people, testing every 6 months is ideal.

Our lab uses the latest equipment and globally recognized testing methods accredited to SANS 241 standards. This includes tests like atomic absorption spectrometry, liquid chromatography, enzyme assays and microbiological culturing.

Yes, we can test all water sources including well, borehole, tap, river or lake water. Our advanced methods can detect contaminants in any water type.

We strive to deliver results within 5 working days after receiving a sample. Rush testing is available for an urgent 2 day turnaround.

We test for over 150 potential contaminants including bacteria, viruses, chemicals, heavy metals, nitrates and asbestos.

Yes, our water experts will provide a detailed consultation explaining your results. We will then recommend customized filtration or purification solutions to remediate any issues detected.

Factors that determine overall system costs include:

  • Household size and daily water requirements
  • Desired storage capacity
  • Number of bathrooms and water outlets
  • Whether rainwater harvesting is integrated
  • Type of filtration systems installed
  • Customizations and accessories

When you have a free consultation, we’ll assess your household’s unique needs and provide a tailored quote with transparent pricing. We also offer flexible payment plans to help spread out costs over time.

While the upfront investment may seem high, the system pays for itself through utility savings and avoiding expensive water deliveries whenever the main supply fails. The peace of mind of guaranteed water security is priceless.