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Tired of Dealing with Unreliable Water Supply? Many homeowners deal with frustrating unpredictability in municipal water supply. Ageing infrastructure leads to frequent pipe breaks, leaks, and equipment failures that disrupt service. Seasonal rainfall variations and drought conditions routinely force authorities to impose rationing and usage restrictions. Supply shortages cause intermittent service with taps running dry for hours or days at a time.

Drilling a borehole provides a reliable solution by tapping into plentiful underground aquifers unaffected by municipal issues. Contact us to learn how we can help guarantee water security for your home.

The Benefits of Borehole Water Supply

Reliable Water Source – Boreholes tap into underground aquifers, providing water even in drought conditions.

Improved Water Quality – Groundwater from boreholes is naturally filtered and free of chlorine and other chemicals.

Cost Savings – Eliminate municipal water bills by using your own private water supply from a borehole.

Borehole Drilling

“With 6 people in the house, our new borehole has been a game changer – endless hot showers and the garden has never looked better!”


Peter V., Johannesburg

“As a new parent, having clean, mineral-rich borehole water brought me real peace of mind for my baby’s health.”


Thandi M., Soweto

“My vegetable garden has never been better since we drilled a borehole. The water quality is amazing.”


John S., Nelspruit

“I recommend SA Clean Water to anyone needing a new borehole. Top notch service and results.”


Sarah W., Pretoria

“We’ve cut our water bill in half thanks to our new borehole. Best investment I’ve made in years.”


Msizi R., Johannesburg


Our Borehole Drilling Process Delivers Results


Borehole depth depends on the water table on your property but typically range from 30 to 200 meters deep. Deeper boreholes are needed in drier areas.

Costs range from R50,000 to R200,000 depending on depth and soil conditions. We provide free quotes for your specific site.

Ideal locations have permeable bedrock, sandy soil, and a high water table. Our site evaluation identifies the best drilling spot.

Most borehole water is clean and safe to drink with minimal treatment. We test your water quality before completion.

The drilling process usually takes 1-3 days, depending on the depth. Full completion with the pumping system takes 1-2 weeks.

Typical boreholes yield 5,000 – 50,000 litres per day, depending on the aquifer. We determine the yield during test drilling.

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Borehole Drilling Equipment

What is Borehole Drilling

Borehole drilling is the process of drilling a well straight down to access clean groundwater. A borehole taps into underwater reservoirs called aquifers located deep beneath the earth’s surface.

Specialized drilling rigs with powerful pneumatic pistons drive drill bits through soil and bedrock to create a narrow well up to 100 meters deep. Boreholes are lined with steel or PVC well casing to prevent collapse and keep out contaminants.

Water enters the borehole through well screen filters that remove sediment and particles. Submersible pumps lift the water to the surface. The drilled borehole provides a private water source unaffected by municipal supply issues.

Companies like ours handle the end-to-end process from site evaluation to identifying the ideal location based on soil surveys. We determine optimal depth and diameter based on water quantity and quality tests during exploratory pilot drilling.

With precision guided drilling techniques and modern well construction, we can tap into aquifers even in challenging terrain like hard granite or compacted clay. Contact us today to learn more about productive borehole drilling. Our water experts are ready to deliver a reliable water source tailored to your site’s geography.

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