Ensure Your Water is Safe with Our: Water Testing and Analysis

Ensure Your Water is Safe

We analyse your water for contaminants and provide tailored solutions to address any issues. Choose our water testing services for accurate results and expert recommendations, ensuring the quality and safety of your water supply.

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What Our Water Testing & Analysis Provides

Having you water tested and ultimately analysised provides valuable insight into you water quality. Based on these results we can design water treatment solutions that are tailor made to suit your water needs.

Confidence in your water's safety

Our lab uses the most advanced testing methods to detect a wide range of contaminants.

Expert water consultation

Our water quality experts will explain your results and recommend the best solutions.

Identification of potential issues

We can detect problems you didn’t even know existed so they can be properly addressed.

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Worried if Your Water is Truly Safe to Drink?

It’s concerning not knowing if the water you and your family drink daily contains harmful contaminants. Even if it looks, tastes, and smells fine, dangerous microbes, chemicals, and toxins could lurk unseen. Continued drinking of contaminated water can cause severe illness.

The solution is a SANS-accredited lab. We use state-of-the-art equipment and globally recognized testing methods to analyze your water sample thoroughly. You’ll get a detailed report indicating any contaminants present and at what levels. Our water experts can then advise you on purification solutions tailored to your situation.

What Our Clients Say



We get our water tested every year for assurance. I’m so glad we chose SA Clean Water – their detailed analysis gives us confidence in our water quality.

Laura Johannesburg


As a parent of small children, I want to be absolutely certain our home’s water is contaminant-free. SA Clean Water’s testing gives me that peace of mind.

Ryan Johannesburg


We rely on SA Clean Water’s quarterly water testing and analysis to make sure that our water systems comply with governmental health regulations.

Sophia Cape Town

Advanced and Compliant Analysis

For Knowledge and Control of Your Water

Book Your Test Today To Gain Full Assurance About Your Water


We recommend testing your water at least annually, and anytime there is a change in taste, smell or appearance. For vulnerable groups like infants, elderly and ill people, testing every 6 months is ideal.

Our lab uses the latest equipment and globally recognized testing methods accredited to SANS 241 standards. This includes tests like atomic absorption spectrometry, liquid chromatography, enzyme assays and microbiological culturing.

Yes, we can test all water sources including well, borehole, tap, river or lake water. Our advanced methods can detect contaminants in any water type.

We strive to deliver results within 5 working days after receiving a sample. Rush testing is available for an urgent 2 day turnaround.

We test for over 150 potential contaminants including bacteria, viruses, chemicals, heavy metals, nitrates and asbestos.

Yes, our water experts will provide a detailed consultation explaining your results. We will then recommend customized filtration or purification solutions to remediate any issues detected.

Factors that determine overall system costs include:

  • Household size and daily water requirements
  • Desired storage capacity
  • Number of bathrooms and water outlets
  • Whether rainwater harvesting is integrated
  • Type of filtration systems installed
  • Customizations and accessories

When you have a free consultation, we’ll assess your household’s unique needs and provide a tailored quote with transparent pricing. We also offer flexible payment plans to help spread out costs over time.

While the upfront investment may seem high, the system pays for itself through utility savings and avoiding expensive water deliveries whenever the main supply fails. The peace of mind of guaranteed water security is priceless.