Whole House Filtration

Whole house water filters bring cleaner water to every tap in your home. This means that youre able to access water that has passed through a purification system specifically design to fiter the water you use when washing the dishes, taking a shower, making coffee, brushing your teeth or doing your laundry.

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Improve your water quality with the 3 Stage Whole House Filtration System. Containing three stages of water filtration, it can reduce chlorine taste and odor, sediment, and chemicals that may be harmful to your health. This filter system is simple to install and easy to maintain.

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Stop wasting money on bottled water and invest in a 3 Stage Whole House Filtration System with UV Sterilisation that will give you clean, healthy water for the entire family. You won’t find anything like it anywhere else. The Whole House System is designed with a three-stage water filtration system for better tasting water.

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With an easy-to-install 2-stage filtration system that removes unwanted particles and bacteria & sediment, the Whole House Filtration System is a simple and cost-effective way to improve your water quality. Stop paying more for bottled water when you can have filtered water at home. 

Features and Benefits

The reasons why you should purchase one of our whole house filtration systems are almost endless. We have listed some of the most important reasons here.

  • Makes Your House Look Cleaner for Longer – rust and a buildup of scale on appliances and fixtures are caused by hard water. By minimising the contaminants in your water one can reduce the amount of rust and buildup.
  • Remove Bad Taste and Smells – bacteria, contaminants and sediment in your water can cause it to have a bad smell and taste. By removing these you can be free of smell and odour issues.
  • Clean and Safe Water – A whole house filter purifies the water to ensure the water is safe and clean to use in cleaning, washing and drinking.

Additional Whole House Filtration Products

Learn more about these additional whole-house filtration products and what they can offer you below, or alternatively get started with our free water test to find out which drinking water solution is the best suited to you. 

What is Whole House Filtration

Choosing the right whole house water filter system will depend on what is in your incoming water in the first. SA Clean Water offers the widest range of water purification systems for the home in South Africa. Our systems and solutions are specifically designed to tackle each problem separately to ensure the resulting water is purified to the customer’s needs. Whether this be a reduction in odours like chlorine or to reduce the sediment, iron, sulfur or arsenic in your water we have solutions that can do just that. 

Depending on what type of whole house filter for your home you may choose these systems are generally separated into three stages. These stages are usually known as:

The Prefiltration Stage – this stage is designed to remove large contaminants and particulates. Normally these exist in the form of silt and sediment. Over time, if not removed these can cause damage to appliances like washing machines and your plumbing.

Activated Carbon Stage – this stage is focused on removing chlorine and chloramines from the incoming water. It works by the activated carbon binding to chlorine and chloramines and removes these contaminants from the water.

Post Filtration Stage – this is generally the final stage in the filtering process. This stage is used to remove any other contaminants left in the water after it has gone through the first two stages.