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Here are the Best Backup Water Supply and Small Booster Systems

A home can have multiple water supply systems at the same time. This is common in areas with an unreliable municipal water supply that necessitates installing a backup system. Or in localities that receive sporadic rainfall combined with private wells and or municipal water supply. Whatever the case, we reckon you’ll want to get and install a high-quality backup water supply system, hence the subject of this article.

We will also look at small booster systems that work alongside your main water supply and any backup system you install.

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Why Professional Installation and Maintenance Matters

To get us started, it’s worth noting that these systems work best when installed and maintained by a professional. Often, these experts help you buy the best backup water supply or small booster systems. They also install and maintain it for you, which makes the combined cost lower than incurring frequent breakdowns and the inconveniences that come with such.

The Role of a Water Specialist in Backup Systems

A water specialist will review your main supply and recommend if your property can benefit more from having many water supply systems installed separately. If not, these are combined into a robust integrated water supply which is the best system. If the latter, water from your private well or a municipal supply can be combined with a rainwater harvesting system to become a single system.

Residential Backup-Emergency Water System

The cost of your backup water supply and small booster system depends on various factors, including size and complexity. For reference, a small backup water system for a single house is straightforward and can hold about 2,500 litres of water when your municipal supply is unavailable.

It is the ideal backup water system for those consumers conscious of the system price or those with small households with limited water consumption levels.

Installing a Small Backup Water System

Given its simple nature, installing this small backup water system is very easy. A customer can do the whole process with technical skills or any qualified plumber. The system is built wholly in our factory and transported to the site for connection.

Commercial and Industrial Backup Water Systems

We design, supply, and install commercial and industrial-grade backup water systems with varied capacities. These are backup water supply systems capable of supporting a big factory. These backup water systems can range from 250 litres for a coffee shop or dentist to robust systems of up to 1,000,000 litres for large factories and industrial complexes.

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Types of Backup Water Systems for Industrial Consumers

We have two types of backup water systems for industrial consumers; • Idle mode system • Direct online system

The Backup Water System for Water Shedding

This is an ideal backup water system for a holiday cottage. It ensures any interruptions to your water supply do not affect you or your business. The system can also be engineered to suit the specific requirements of a given property, like volume, water quality, and more.

Tailoring Your Backup Water System to Your Property’s Parameters

We install water tanks to suit your needs by matching your budget as much as possible. For instance, we install a simple, cost-effective vertical round tank in your garden. Or a slim-line tank next to your house or in your garage. If necessary, we can tailor your backup system to suit the property’s parameters, like space and various aesthetic requirements.

Ensuring Reliable Performance with Quality Components in Your Backup System

We only use the best components to install your backup water system to guarantee reliable performance for a long time. That includes using a horizontal multistage centrifugal pump. It also comes with a Global Water solutions pressure tank and controller. The pressure tank increases pump longevity by lowering energy consumption through fewer pump starts. The controller and pressure tank coordinate to offer the pump run-dry protection

The Importance of Choosing the Right Pump

The adjustable cut-in pressure and precise cut-out mechanism make the pump suitable for any household.

The installation process matches peak water demand and pressure requirements for every property. This depends on the number of plumbing fixtures, such as showers, taps, and toilets. The pump is then sized to optimise system performance by providing adequate water pressure to reach every faucet in the house.

Get in Touch for Your Backup Water Systems

Contact us today if you have any questions regarding backup water systems and how they can help you. Whether you’re seeking a residential, commercial, or industrial solution, we’re here to provide the expertise and guidance you need. With the right backup water supply, you can ensure continuous water access, no matter the circumstances.

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