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Does Your Drinking Water Need Treatment or Purification?

An Introduction to Water Quality and Purification

Want more control over your water quality? An effective way is through its treatment and purification. There’s evidence dating back to the 1700s suggesting the use of sediment purification systems using sand and gravel for water filtration. Great minds like Hippocrates and Archimedes gave regard to water treatment in their time, and these traditional purification methods have now been incorporated into modern-day life.

Water purification and treatment schemes have come a long way since the 1700s but have never once lost their significance. Today, we delve into how a home water filtration system can benefit your drinking water.

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Water Filtration: The What, Why, and How

The history of water purification is long and intriguing, but its motive remains the same: people want safe, pure drinking water free from harmful contaminants, including bacteria and other irritants. However, with a rapidly advancing society, we have developed ways to protect our water supply – for instance, by using a home water filtration system.

But how exactly do these systems work? This is where the interesting aspects begin.

The Process and Aims of Water Purification Systems

The water purification and treatment schemes all have the same goal: to improve our tap water quality. For example, SA Clean Water’s whole house water filter system enhances water quality for drinking, bathing, and other household chores by addressing specific water issues. Alternatively, an under-sink water purifier can counter taste or odor problems in tap water.

One drawback of water filtration is that it doesn’t remove hardness from your water. For this, SA Clean Water provides a separate process called water softening.

The Need for Home Water Purifiers and Treatment Schemes

Various factors impact water quality. It’s essential to realize that water quality could be more consistent. Even if you have been living in your home for years, new issues may suddenly affect your water quality. This is where a home water filtration system comes into play.

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Signs that You Need a Water Purifier System for Home

Everyone can benefit from water purifiers in one way or another, but sometimes, there might be an immediate need for installing one. The telltale signs that you need a water purifier system for home include changes in water taste, odor, color, and the appearance of stains.

Exploring Your Water Purifying Option

With a series of signs to look out for and a wide range of purifying systems, it can be daunting to choose the best home water filtration system for your needs. That’s where water tests and a trusted water filtration partner come in.

They can help you connect the dots between water test results, solutions, and implementation. They’ll recommend solutions that complement your existing approaches—such as mineral booster cartridges or water filters with reverse osmosis functions.

If you’re ready to explore and find the best solution, let’s take the first step by scheduling your free, in-home water test today with SA Clean Water.

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