UV Borehole Filter with Siliphos Softening (4-8 Users) – SA Clean Water


We designed this system to: 

  • Prevent borehole water from taking a toll on your geysers, appliances and pipes using siliphos filtration beads
  • Ultra Violet kills bacteria and 99% of water-borne viruses
  • Removes Hardness scale (the buildup of excess minerals that results in crusty glasses etc.)
  • Removes sediment like sand, rust etc.
  • Removes the bad taste and odour of your water
  • More than enough water for 4-8 people’s daily needs

We designed this system to give you complete peace of mind. The filtration system will provide enough water for four people for two days or eight for one day. This was calculated for average normal use.

Siliphos is a water treatment that prevents the scaling of elements and piping, making your home safe, beautiful, and, more importantly, protected from plumbing disasters.

The SA Clean Water Borehole Filter System for 4-8 people consists of valves to control the flow between municipal feed to your home and the SA Clean Water Municipal Bypass Filter System, the filtration system itself, a 1400L storage tank and a pressure pump to return the water at the correct pressure into your home.

The SA Clean Water Borehole Filter System will protect you from aquafer breakdown, contamination or sediment buildup with the 5-micron sediment filter. 

The sediment filter will remove organics (rotting vegetation, algae etc.), thereby improving taste and smell. 

The Ultra Violet lamp system will protect you and your loved ones from harmful bacteria. 

Utilising Siliphos beads, hardness removal is conducted, which precipitates calcium, ensuring your expensive water appliances last for years.

What is included in the system:

Ball valves
Siliphos bead filter
3 stage Filtration system on stand
Ultra Violet Filter
Solenoid Valve
1400L slim vertical Roto Tank
Overflow Protection
Pressure Pump

*Installation not included

We recommend a SANS 241 test be conducted before your order. Schedule a Free Water Test here today.


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