Borehole Water Filter System With UV (4-8 people)


Designed with affordability top of mind, our SA Cleanwater Borehole Filter System will ensure your borehole water quality is safe for your whole family.

Giving you complete peace of mind, the filtration system will provide enough water for four people for two days or eight people for one day. Calculated for average normal use.

The SA Clean Water Municipal Bypass Filter System for 4-8 people consists of valves to control the flow between municipal feed to your home and the SA Clean Water Municipal Bypass Filter System, the filtration system itself, a 1400L storage tank and a pressure pump to return the water at the correct pressure into your home.

UV filtration kills microorganisms, bacteria and viruses present in your water using ultraviolet light.  This system is cheaper to purchase but relies on electricity to work.

The SA Cleanwater Borehole Filter System will protect you from aquafer breakdown, contamination or just sediment with the 5-micron sediment filter, removing organics (rotting vegetation, algae etc.), thereby improving taste and smell, and the Ultra Violet lamp system will protect you and your loved ones from harmful bacteria.

What is included in the system:

Ball valves
3 stage Filtration system on stand
Ultra Violet Filter
Solenoid Valve
1400L slim vertical Roto Tank
Overflow Protection
Pressure Pump

*Installation not included

We recommend a SANS 241 test to be conducted prior to order. Schedule a Free Water Test here today.


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